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Why hire a pro for dish removal?


There are many factors involved in the proper removal of satellite dishes and antennas of any size in Hawaii. Do-it-yourself folks are better off leaving this to a professional service, although upon first glance it may appear simple. The process involves several steps.

After the physical removal of the dish and it’s supporting brackets, there are inevitably minor repairs to the house. Holes need to be patched with a clear silicone caulk. The structure needs to be confirmed as weather resistant and waterproof. Cables need to be cut and cleared from the dish connection to the other side, wherever they end. Again, any resulting damage to the house needs to be repaired. It is likely for appearance, painting of damaged areas will be necessary to match the existing colors.

Old Satellite Dish Receivers don’t have much value, if any. Like most things technology related,  they are quickly outdated from the first moment they are installed. The used equipment serves no purpose to the The satellite TV providers, hence no incentive to retrieve from you.. It costs them more to come to your house, pay for labor and disposal than to make a new one and install it.

Satellite dish receivers contain lead and other toxic chemicals and therefore disposal in landfills is not permitted. Say No To Dish includes the cost of the local recycling fee. You will be content in the knowledge that you bare helping the environment.

Satellite Dish Installation and Removal: Tenants vs. Landlords


When it comes to installation and removal of satellite or DirectTv dishes in Chicago, tenants and landlords do not always agree. Landlords typically have concerns ranging from property damage, appearance, and safety issues. According to the Federal Communications Commission Order 98-273, the tenant has a right to satellite dishes and antennas providing  the installation is legitimate and follows guidelines. Also known as the FCC Satellite Rule, it states that the tenant is allowed to have a professional install any satellite dish as long as it is 40 inches or less in diameter. The landlord is able to supervise the installation and impose restrictions within reason.

Among the greatest causes of concern for Chicago landlords is improper installation, and the damage left from removal of the dish or satellite when the tenant moves or upgrades. Some common issues of bad installation or removal are:
• Weatherproofing problems with walls and roofs
• Interfere with electrical, HVAC or plumbing systems.
• A faulty installation can cause the dish fall and hurt someone.
• Aesthetically, the Dish or Antenna and it’s wires can lower the appeal of the house or apartments, as it is installed on the exterior wall, roof, balcony, or patio.

Common solutions for the landlords concerns:
• Landlords can prohibit dish installation in common areas and insist that they do not hang over public areas such as walkways and driveways.
• The landlord can monitor installations and removals to have a say in holes that are drilled into the structure, how cables are laid out, and also to confirm removals are complete with the repair of any holes or damage to the structure.
• A landlord can require a tenant to carry renter’s insurance in case of any injuries, accidents or damages to the property or other people caused by a satellite dish or antenna.


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