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“Satellite Dishes are great while your using them – if you’re not, just remove it! “

There are always ways to be more efficient by eliminating things you are no longer using. Especially when we are talking about a 1.2m satellite dish on your roof, wall or backyard.

Besides the unsightly look of an aging satellite dish on your roof, let us consider the safety aspects.

The “Statue of Liberty” in New York is a great attraction, but do you really want it on your roof? When not in use and with heavy trade winds, the satellite is a wind catcher – Do you really want that on your roof?

We all know how expensive roofing can be in Hawaii. Having satellite service is a great option when choosing a television provider, but once you no longer have the service, it is best to remove it. With a dormant satellite overexposed to the elements like wind and rain, there is no way to protect your roof 100% – possibly resulting in costly roof repairs.

The Point is: Satellite Dishes are great while your using them – if you’re not, just remove it!

Some of our customers in Hawaii may opt for a ground mount. This method is especially popular on our Hawaii military bases. A 5’x5’ clearance on the ground is required. The dish is placed on a steel frame secured to the ground with spikes or cinderblocks, and requires exposure to the eastern sky. The Dish is easy to maintain, and in a yard, can be less of an eye sore. The only unhappy camper could be your landscaper who has to work around the area while cutting the grass.

But again, our point is: ” when your not using it – get rid of it!!”

We offer painless dish removal service in Hawaii. Honolulu Dish Removal will take care of all unwanted satellite dishes that are mounted on your property. We are always fully insured and trained to perform Dish Removals.

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